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WP Reset Review 2023: Reset, Repair, & Recover Your WordPress

As a website owner, you may have faced some problems regarding your website. Maybe you updated a plugin and now it’s not working, or perhaps you changed some settings or themes that are causing issues on the site.

Maybe you don’t even know what is causing the problem, and you wish you could press a magical button that resets the site to its original state effortlessly. WP Reset does this magic in the form of a WordPress plugin.


In this review, we will discuss what WP Reset is, its features, benefits, and why you should consider using it. So, keep reading our WP Reset review if you’re tired of dealing with website crashes and issues and if you’re looking for a trustworthy and effective way to reset your WordPress site.

What is WP Reset?

WP Reset is a plugin that allows users to reset their site to its default state. It offers a quick and easy way to troubleshoot problems or start fresh with a clean slate. The plugin allows users to undo any changes they have made, intentional or not. It creates automatic snapshots before significant changes for users to restore their site to a previous state. With features like resetting posts, pages, themes, and plugins, it offers a variety of ways to reset your site. With this plugin, you no longer need to worry about losing work or having trouble finding the correct steps for fixing issues with your WordPress site.

How does it work?

It makes a backup of the site before every major change to the site. So you can safely reset it to its pre-changed state. It also deletes any customization like theme settings, page, posts, post types, etc. But it keeps the media files, themes, and plugins in the WP uploads folder so you can access it even if you have reset it.

To make the setup process hassle-free Its cloud service also simplifies and automates the setup process. And you can manage all these from the dashboard without moving anywhere, which I think is very convenient.

What will be deleted or reset?

The WP Reset plugin enables users to reset the WordPress database to default without affecting any files or customizations. It helps to delete all of the settings, moderation, and content with just a click. 

The Nuclear reset button allows the user to delete all options, all files, custom database entries, and tables with one click. This plugin is designed to fasten up the testing and debugging process by implementing a quick way to reset settings to default. Besides, it helps secure data from accidental loss by restoring original data after resetting.

What won’t be deleted or reset?

Some items won’t be affected by the reset on your WordPress website when you use WP Reset. They include any media items you have uploaded, such as pictures and videos, as well as any themes, plugins, and unique database tables you have set up or installed. User accounts won’t be destroyed or changed, and the wp-config.php file and other WordPress core files won’t be impacted either.

When using WP Reset, it is crucial to understand what will and won’t be impacted because it is a strong tool that can delete your entire WordPress installation. Before using WP Reset to reset your website, it is advised that you make a backup of it to prevent any unexpected consequences.

WP Reset Plugin Installation Process

Installing the WP Reset plugin is a simple process. You can download the plugin from the wordpress.com repository and install it through the Plugins page in your WordPress admin.

To do this, you’ll need to log into your WordPress account and visit the plugins page.

WP Reset Plugin Installation Process​

Once there, search for “WP Reset” and click on the plugin to install it.

WP Reset Plugin Installation

After you’ve downloaded and installed it, go to the plugin’s settings page to personalize your experience and make any changes to how it works.

How to install WP Reset Plugin

WP Reset Features

WP Reset is a powerful WordPress plugin that helps you do all the things you need to do when troubleshooting your website. You can quickly make snapshots of your websites and clean up your databases by resetting them to their default settings without losing any content. Moreover, WP Reset features Command Line Interface and WordPress Multisite functionality.

Nuclear Reset

WP Reset ensures that all options, files, custom database entries and tables are permanently removed from the site to ensure that it returns to its default state. This makes WP Reset a useful tool for users who want to quickly reset their site without any hassle. It is a quick and easy way to reset your WordPress site back to its original configuration without having to manually delete all of your files and data.

Emergency Recovery Tool

The WP reset plugin provides fail-safe mechanisms, such as an emergency recovery script accessible directly from the dashboard. It automatically saves a snapshot of the website before making any significant changes, ensuring that users can easily restore the site to a safe point if something goes wrong. This feature serves as a fail-safe mechanism to recover the website in sticky situations.

Additionally, the plugin stores data in the cloud, allowing for automatic backup and sync across multiple devices. With its one-click install feature, the plugin provides fail-safe mechanisms to manage all website tasks from a single dashboard, including regular recovery jobs like backup and restore.

Time Machine

WP Reset is a simple and secure plugin with a feature that allows for a virtual plugin time machine feature. Users can keep and access snapshots of website data using this functionality to quickly recover from any unforeseen event or accident. It enables users to restore their websites to the condition they were in at any given time. For preserving data and entire websites in the event of accidental deletion or corruption, this is incredibly helpful.

Partial Reset Tools

It also provides partial reset features to reset specific parts of your site, such as posts, pages, comments, or custom post types. WP Reset works with WP-CLI commands to allow you to reset your entire site in just a few simple steps. This ensures that all of your content will be restored quickly and effortlessly. Plus, WP Reset is compatible with multisite installations to reset individual sites within the network with ease.

Database and Automatic Snapshots

The website is automatically backed up using the snapshot feature by WP Reset. In case of a system crash, it creates snapshots of the database to retain data, enabling the website to be restored within 24 hours. Your site will always be operational thanks to the snapshot-based backup and recovery capability, even if the settings or code are updated. With the help of this plugin, you can easily automatically back up the data on your website without any user involvement.

However, because different hosting providers have different technological specifications, some customers can experience difficulties with installation and use. Overall, WP Reset provides an easy solution to automatically back up the data on your website without requiring user input.

Install Your Favorite Plugin’s Quickly

WP Reset is a plugin designed to let you reset everything and even make backups. You can create your very own collection of favorite plugins in order to install them again with a click, anytime.

White Screen

In the case of a white screen of death, the WP Reset white screen tool is intended to assist users in recovering their WordPress website (WSOD). A WSOD prevents users from accessing a website and causes it to seem blank. By enabling users to reset their website’s choices and configurations, thereby reverting it to its default settings without changing any of the website’s content, WP Reset’s white screen function offers a quick and simple solution to this issue. This option, which can be accessed from the WP Reset dashboard, is a useful method to quickly and easily fix WSOD problems.


WP Reset’s Collection feature allows users to quickly reinstall favorite plugins. With the Collection feature, users can easily save their favorite plugins to be reinstalled in the future. It is included in the paid version of WP Reset.

Remove Demo Data

The Remove demo data feature allows you to easily get rid of the demo content and data from your WordPress site, making it ready for regular use. This saves you time if you want to start using your site immediately after resetting it.

White Label Option

WP Reset offers a White Label option that allows users to rebrand the plugin with a logo, colors, name, and more without touching a line of code. This option makes it simple for users to create branded versions of the plugin with only a few clicks. This saves users time and effort, simplifies management of multiple sites within their business and makes it easier for them to maintain consistency across all websites.

Cloud Function

Users may easily store and manage website snapshots in the cloud with the WP Reset cloud function. Users no longer have to worry about storage limitations or local backups thanks to this functionality, which allows them to upload their snapshots to the WP Reset cloud and access them from any location.

Directly from the WP Reset dashboard, users can manage their cloud snapshots and decide whether to keep them private or share them with others. Any cloud storage service that supports the WebDAV protocol can be utilized with this functionality, which is accessible with WP Reset PRO. Also, It supports well-known services like pCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Centralized Management

The WP Reset dashboard is an easy-to-use interface that enables users to administer and manage their WordPress websites. All of WP Reset’s functions are accessible from the dashboard, including resetting, making snapshots, managing collections, cleaning the database, and more. Users can also examine information about their website–including the WordPress version and installed plugins and themes–and even address problems with it if necessary.

The dashboard’s menus and icons are simple to understand and make it simple for users to find the functionality they need. The layout and color palette of the user’s dashboard can also be changed to suit their preferences. In all, WP Reset is a strong solution that supports users in streamlining their website administration activities as well as keeping their site running smoothly!

Similar Plugins

There are many plugins that help you to backup, reset, and repair your site. Such as:

  • BackupBuddy– With the help of BackupBuddy, WordPress users can automate and schedule backups of their whole website, including themes, plugins, media, and databases. It comes with a restoration function that lets users rapidly restore an older version of their website.
  • WPVivid Backup and Restore– They can create backups of their websites with WPVivid Backup and Restore and migrate them to other servers or domains. It also contains a restore capability and options for cleaning and optimizing the database.
  • WP All Backup- Any part of the website, including the files, database, and settings, may be backed up and restored with WP All Backup. It also provides choices for scheduled backups, migration, and remote storage. In addition to choosing which files or folders to include in the backup, users may also choose which ones to leave out.

These plugins have built-in features like auto-backups, one-click restores, and password recovery to ensure that your website remains secure. Besides, they also have a lot of functionalities to help you manage your website’s content and functionality easily.

WP Reset Plugin Pricing

WP Reset Has 4 Pricing:

WP Reset Plugin Pricing (WP Reset Review)


  • Site reset
  • Reset theme options
  • Delete transients
  • Delete themes
  • Delete plugins
  • Clean uploads folder
  • Empty custom tables
  • Delete custom tables
  • Delete .htaccess file
  • Manually create snapshots
  • Support via community forum

AGENCY ($119/Year)

  • 100 sites license
  • 50 WPR Cloud Site Licenses
  • Over 25 tools
  • Snapshots & Auto Snapshots
  • Plugin & Themes collections
  • Emergency Recovery Script
  • WP Reset Dashboard
  • All features included
  • License Manager
  • White-Label Option
  • Rebranding


  • 5 sites license
  • 5 WPR Cloud Site Licenses
  • Over 25 tools
  • Snapshots & Auto Snapshots
  • Plugin & Themes collections
  • Emergency Recovery Script
  • WP Reset Dashboard
  • All features included
  • License Manager
  • White-Label Option

PERSONAL ($39 /year)

  • 1 site license
  • 1 WPR Cloud Site License
  • Over 25 tools
  • Snapshots & Auto Snapshots
  • Plugin & Themes collections
  • Emergency Recovery Script
  • WP Reset Dashboard

My Experience with WP Reset

WP Reset is a fantastic plugin that has helped me to maintain my WordPress website more swiftly and with less work. The capabilities of the plugin are really helpful, and I value the ease it offers. The option to restore my website to its original condition without losing any material or data is one of the best features. When I need to test out new plugins or themes without having them influence my live site, this option comes in extremely handy.

The backup and restore features of WP Reset are yet another helpful aspect. I can quickly back up my website, restore it to a different place, and get all user data. Especially when I need to transfer my website to a different server or domain, this function has helped me save a ton of time and work.

Even for non-developers like me, the plugin’s developers took the time to make sure that it was user-friendly and simple to navigate. I had no trouble using the plugin because of the user-friendly design and the succinct, straightforward instructions.

Overall, I fully recommend WP Reset to anyone looking for a one-stop shop to make tasks like resetting, backing up, and switching to new layouts simpler. The capabilities of the plugin are really helpful, and they have allowed me to maintain my WordPress website with less time and effort. I’ll keep using this plugin and recommend it to others.

Final Verdict of WP Reset Review

WP Reset is a useful tool to assist you in restoring your WordPress website to its default state. The premium edition of this plugin allows more control over the website’s settings, although the free version is enough for development projects. Beginners, as well as professionals, can reset their sites quickly and effectively with this plugin.

In case something goes wrong, the recovery feature provides a one-click restoration of the website. Overall WP Reset is an effective and practical solution for resetting websites.


In this WP Reset Review, it is concluded how well this plugin serves the needs of non-developers who need to debug, test, and build their WordPress websites. It makes switching to other layouts, backing up, and resetting easier. With WP Reset, you may restore your site to its previous state without worrying about losing any data or files.

It is a dependable tool for individuals who want to reset their WordPress site without losing any information or files because comprehensive user data recovery is offered. For everyone who wishes to keep the integrity of their website while making necessary adjustments, WP Reset is an all-in-one plugin that is highly recommended.

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Plan A

$ 49 Lifetime Deal
  • 5 site licenses
  • 5 WPR cloud site licenses
  • 2 GB storage per lifetime Cloud license, 10 GB total
  • Over 25 tools
  • Snapshots and auto snapshots
  • Plugin and themes collections
  • Emergency recovery script
  • WP Reset dashboard
  • License manager
  • White label


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Frequently Asked Questions

By making procedures like resetting, backing up, and switching to alternative layouts simpler, the WordPress plugin WP Reset helps users in the debugging, testing, and development of their website.

You won’t lose any data or files because WP Reset resets all WordPress settings, files, and databases to default. Additionally, it enables you to back up your website and import it into a different location with full user data recovery built in.

The free edition of WP Reset contains a few restricted features, whereas the premium version has more features and functionalities.

Sure, as long as you use it properly and follow the instructions, using WP Reset is safe.

WP Reset restores your site to its default settings, thus you can lose some customizations and settings even though it doesn’t remove your content or files.

Within 30 minutes of executing the reset, WP Reset gives you the option to reverse it.

The majority of WordPress themes and plugins are compatible with WP Reset; however, certain plugins might need further adjustment after the reset.

Although WP Reset doesn’t directly affect SEO, resetting your site may have an effect if you remove any changes or settings that were made with search engines in mind.

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